Saranjit Birdi - Artist and Architect

The Vital be with me
To play the body move
To dance and draw power
Of within and without
From a friendly Greatness,
A synthesis of All
Dance on Film
3 Minutes
© Saranjit Birdi 2004

This is the first explorative dance work I have created and developed, with assistance from technical support and facilitators, on the ‘Incubator’ Programme at VIVID (Oct 03-Jan 04) and additional editing at the Technology and Innovation Centre (TIC), Birmingham.

It fuses dance, poetry, music and architecture and is the first time I have experienced a synthesis in art, a physical, mental and spiritual consummation.

Although I had a strong sense of direction, the work was produced organically, using spontaneity and improvisation. Studio camera work was facilitated and shot by Barry Thomas who also recited the poem.
I shot the architectural footage first then danced in response to the visual images as they were projected onto the wall. A monitor was positioned so that I could see the shot in frame. The film was then edited down to 7min on Final Cut Pro3.

I then sampled a series of live-recorded percussion sounds and, with the help of technical staff, produced a sound track, with digital beats added, to reflect the movement and textures of the visual image.

The poem was recited separately was later overlaid, along with the sound track, to the film using Deck 3 software. The whole was shot on a digital video and edited on a Mac G4 computer.

Copies of Follow are available on request.
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